Words the Left Dare Not Say

July 25, 2016 Chris Shugart 0

By avoiding to specify who we’re fighting, the Obama administration has created an unacceptably vague picture of what we’re doing and why. And it demonstrates the weak leadership behind Obama’s unwillingness to confront terrorism in any meaningful and effective way.


Who Are Terrorists Targeting?

January 26, 2015 Chris Shugart 0

These terrorists may be monsters, but they’re not stupid. They know that their carnage and destruction must make an impression on those most likely to assist their cause: anti-war pacifists, progressives, socialists, academic apologists, and the liberal media.


Flame Wars

September 19, 2012 Chris Shugart 0

A couple of decades from now, some history book might appear with the following entry: “World War III Sparked by YouTube Video.” It’s a silly pretext that could easily be a story line for a “South Park” episode.