Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz, In the Line of Fire

March 30, 2015 Chris Shugart 0

You can always tell how much of a threat your opponents consider you to be by the amount of hysteria they generate. And the bigger the threat, the more irrational their criticism.


Enemies of the State

April 1, 2014 Chris Shugart 0

In President Obama’s own words, a “fundamental change” is taking place. Like many tyrannies of the past, it’s been a gradual process. And like many tyrannies, much of the population can’t see it coming.


Getting Back To Fundamentals

February 1, 2013 Chris Shugart 0

Year after year, our elected officials pass more laws, implement more regulations, and create more programs costing more money. Yet the problems that government tries to solve through legislation continue and persist.

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