Being Honest About Gun Control

June 13, 2014 Chris Shugart 0

The anti-gun rhetoric remains emotional and reactionary, and serves no real purpose other than to provide politicians with their own arsenal of ammunition: public posturing, finger pointing, and the shameless exploitation of tragedy to further their political agendas.


Enemies of the State

April 1, 2014 Chris Shugart 0

In President Obama’s own words, a “fundamental change” is taking place. Like many tyrannies of the past, it’s been a gradual process. And like many tyrannies, much of the population can’t see it coming.


Minimum Wage: Do the Math

March 5, 2014 Chris Shugart 0

As the debate rages on, we are at least reminded of the math illiteracy we face in our schools and society. It also serves as evidence that the minimum wage proponents don’t really care about the math anyway—just as long as they can take credit for handing out more money to low wage earners.


Surviving Without Government

October 2, 2013 Chris Shugart 0

I think it could be a healthy exercise in individual self-reliance if we were to actually shut down the government, let’s say one month out of every year. Thirty days of roughing it without the benefits of government services. It would be like a camping trip and a civics lesson rolled into one.

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