Day 1: Inauguration

While Trump was being sworn in, protestors on the outskirts of the DC area were burning trash and yelling stuff. It didn’t help. Trump is officially president.

During the inauguration parade, you could see some of protesters along the route with their signs. Trump’s Secretary of Education will owe them some thanks for their convincing demonstration of ignorance and illiteracy due to our education system. No better evidence is needed for demanding sweeping changes.

Trump’s speech was a no frills tell-it-like-it-is promise that this isn’t the Obama Administration any more. The best media comment I heard went something like this: “It was short and to the point. It wasn’t like a 20-minute Grateful Dead song with a drum solo. Trump’s speech was more like a Ramones song.”

Now that the day is over, the protesters have gone home to their parent’s houses. When they wake up tomorrow, they’ll still be maladjusted and chronically unemployable. Trump will still be president.


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