Day 2, 3 – The Empire Strikes Back(Well, sort of)

That sonic boom you may have thought you heard was just the sound of Democrat heads exploding in unison. It was followed by the caterwauling of angry feminists protesting against. . .well, whatever the hell it is they’re protesting against these days. They hate you. They really, really hate you.

Half of the work Trump will be doing in the immediate future will involve him just being in the White House. The Democrats will do the heavy lifting with their militant protesting. They are daily exposing their true selves: a demented gang of militant radicals who would think nothing of forcefully removing the President from office if they could. And they consider themselves totally justified. Such is the mindset of the totalitarian fascist. Has it been a slow transformation over the last eight years? Or maybe they’ve been like that much longer and the rest of us are just now waking up to it.

No matter. Trump is still president and the Left have yet to adjust.


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