Chris Shugart Archives

The content contained in these archives represents my colorful, if not so illustrious career, mainly in the political arena. (It does occasionally spill into other areas.) The material comes from several sources between 1996 and 2005. As an advertising professional, I’ve always been a writer in some capacity for a variety of media and venues. Sometimes it’s been worth reading.

I first took an interest in politics when my dad, Al Shugart ran his dog Ernest for Congress in 1996. That would mark the beginning of the Friends of Ernest Political Action Committee, for which I became the editor and contributing writer for our newsletter, The Ernest Voice. In 1998, FOEPAC sponsored and promoted California Proposition 23, the None of the Above Election Reform Act that appeared on the California ballot in March 2000. A weekly radio show followed, called Uncommon Sense, sponsored in part by FOEPAC. In 2003, Al Shugart and I co-founded the American Association of Independent Voters, where I wrote opinions, essays, and reports for the AAIV website.