Who’s Against a Clean Environment?

Uncommon Sense Radio
April, 2001

I don’t want to give anyone the mistaken impression that I’m against having a clean environment. Who really wants that? Well, if you go by what the eco-zealots say, anyone that opposes them do. It’s that flimsy two-dimensional logic at work. If you disagree with the solution, you’re in favor of the problem.

The simple fact is that everybody recognizes that polluting the environment is a problem and that we should take steps to keep our air and water clean.

Unfortunately, there’s a wierdly skewed perception about pollution that goes back to the sixties, and still survives today. You ever notice that companies engaged in manufacturing or some other industrial activity that contribute to pollution are simply referred to as “polluters.”

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My First Earth Day


Uncommon Sense Radio,
April 2001

Left: Saratoga High School ecology group protests construction project.

Today is Earth Day, one of the high holy days of the left. You’ll have to excuse me if I refrain from any reverent benedictions. For me, environmentalism was one of those kicked-in-the head left wing political concepts born in the sixties. And like many of the ideas that came out of that decade, no one ever bothered to think it all the way through.

But it sounded good. Looked good. And it had that sock-it-to-the-man, anti-establishment, get-down-on-the-corporate-fat-cats sort of appeal that was part of sixties romanticism. Just another leftist cause that I never took very seriously.

Do I sound jaded? Well let me tell you about my experience with my first Earth Day, April 22, 1971. I was a junior in high school at the time, and we had some sort of ecology club that decided to stage a day-wide event in celebration of our environment. I recall very little of what all went on. But yours truly figured prominently in one of the rally events.

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