Are We Crazier Now Than We Used to Be?

Uncommon Sense Radio
Feb, 2001

I recently ordered a book off the internet for my amusement and edification. It’s published by the American Psychiatric Association. It’s basically a streamlined version of their Diagnostic & Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders, their Fourth Edition. It has all the official mental disorders that exist as defined by the American Psychiatric Association.

In the process of acquiring this book, I learned that in the first edition of this manual which was published in 1952, there were 112 mental disorders. By the second edition that came out in 1968 there were 168 mental disorders. In 1987, the third edition came out with 253 disorders. Currently, according to the fourth edition which is the one I have, you have the prospect of being afflicted with one or several of the 374 different mental disorders found in the manual.

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