Anti War Nostalgia

American Association of American Voters
Sep, 2005

Ever since the mainstream media’s canonization of Cindy Sheehan as the patron saint of anti-war activism, leftists have been in a state of rapture over the attention they’ve been getting. To hear them tell it, we’re witnessing a renaissance of left wing idealism not seen since the halcyon days of Viet Nam, Berkeley and Abbie Hoffman. If only they could see themselves as others seem them.

The rest of us saw hordes of angry malcontents, a lot of incoherent screaming, meaningless slogans, and hostile rants aimed at some mythical imperialist power elite. It wasn’t so much political activism as it was a romantic recreation of the good old days when angry youths took to the streets to sock it to the man. What struck me was that they still think they’re heavy business. Someone needs to tell these people that the sixties are gone, man.

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