French President Proposes International Tax

Uncommon Sense Radio
Sep, 2002

“Imagine getting a knock on your door by a tax collector. Except he’s not with the IRS. This tax collector is an agent with the United Nations. And he’s French!”


A Modern Day Nuremberg Law

Uncommon Sense Radio
Sep, 2002

The California Assembly passed a law requiring employers to catalog and register their employees according to their ethnic group.


Criminals Just Need More Understanding

Uncommon Sense Radio
Sep, 2001

Did any of you hear about the bank robbery we had in Monterey, this past Tuesday? It caught my attention because the bank is just around the corner from my office.

Not much of a story, really. Man with a gun. Demanded money. Took it and ran off.

Certainly, the bank is cooperating with law enforcement to see that the crook gets caught. The bank may even tighten or otherwise alter their security procedures.

And meanwhile there will be people who will sympathize with the bank robber. Some will claim that the bank, after all, had it coming. With all that money, it was only a matter of time someone decided to take it.

There will be those who will say that retaliation takes us in the wrong direction. Because what we really need, here, is an understanding of the motives of the robber. After all, he’s just a victim of an oppressive system—American capitalism. And the bank is nothing but a cruel symbol of greed and exploitation.

You see, If we’re going to put an end to crime in America, we need to begin addressing the needs of criminals in this country.

Thank you.

Federal Regulations Are Unlawful

Uncommon Sense Radio
May, 2001

The last couple of weeks I’ve been calling for a broad elimination of government regulations. Not only do I think regulations in this country have become ridiculously excessive, they’ve become, I believe a primary source of why nothing ever seems to get done in Washington. I also believe that excessive regulation has made it difficult if not impossible for able, intelligent people to prosper.

Let me clarify what I’m saying. When I refer to regulations, that’s not the same thing as laws. Laws are made by elected representatives through a legal and due process. Regulations are made by federal and state agencies. Check your Constitution. You shouldn’t be able to create, much less enforce laws that haven’t been voted on by Congress. Yet we do it all the time.

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