High School Students Denied Service, Claim Discrimination

no service
The sign read: “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Dice” at this All American Burger in Redondo Beach. Jeff Spicoli, who says he’s a regular customer, told reporters that he and his two friends were asked to leave if they didn’t put their shirts back on. “The manager went, like, totally fascist on us,” said Spicoli, a senior at Ridgemont High School. “He wouldn’t take our order until we put our shirts on. It was bogus, man.”

Spicoli and his friends are now accusing All American Burger of discrimination. Assistant Manager Brad Hamilton said, “I just pointed to the sign. Everyone knows the rules. I told them, ‘learn it, know it, live it’” A spokesman for the burger chain said, “We do not have any policies that discriminate against high school surfers. But we do have a dress code that we think is appropriate for all of our customers.”

On hearing about the ban on shirtless teenagers, some Ridgemont High students are calling for a boycott against this popular after-school hangout. “This is about equal rights for all students, even those who choose to dress differently,” said one student. Civil rights attorney Gloria Allred is considering filing a lawsuit against All American Burger. “There is no place for discrimination against teenage slackers in this country,” Allred said.

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