Of Course You Know, This Means War

Bugs bunny warDemocrats are still coming to terms with losing. They were so convinced that Obama’s fundamental transformation of America was a resounding success. In their minds, it was a done deal. They haven’t yet accepted that their liberal pipe dream was nothing more than an illusive fantasy of their own making. It was never real.

Trump has enjoyed a bounty of early victories, only two weeks into his administration. It’s remarkable how he’s managed to move faster than Democrats can respond. By the time they rally their forces, Trump is promoting a new agenda item. A US Marines Major once told me that the most important component of a successful battle strategy is to deploy your forces faster, adjust your positions faster, and respond faster to the enemy’s tactics than they respond to yours. The goal is to get one step, two steps, three steps, and so on, ahead of the enemy’s actions. Eventually the enemy gets completely overwhelmed, unable to respond further.

On the other hand, no matter what gains the new administration may achieve, the Left never accepts defeat. For them it’s always a never ending war on America. And now their war advances to a new phase—aggressive resistance. Some of it is overt, such as the anti-Trump rioting, and open defiance of the law by local governments. Some of it is covert, such as leaks to the media and surreptitious non-compliance within various federal agencies. It will continue. And it will be destructive in intent if not in deed.

In spite of Trumps’ early victories, Democrat antics thus far are merely minor skirmishes in a bigger picture of what in effect is turning into a civil war. Real battles are brewing. Keep in mind that the Dems haven’t yet played their strongest card: the legal system. They’re skilled and experienced at manipulating the law to create or subvert any legislation that serves their agenda. They’re on a first name basis with every liberal judge in the country, all who will gladly make laws from their respective benches. And the Dems have plenty of funding to keep every liberal lawyer gainfully employed for as long as it takes to win.

Yet the real danger is not the Democrats or their legal machine. Their tactics are well known and predictable. What remains unknown is whether or not the GOP will stand together. Unfortunately they have a poor track record in this regard. Nevertheless, the math is simple. Stand together and the Republicans win. But if they regress to old habits, they’ll lose as they’ve done so many times before. It’s really that simple.


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  1. Obama was a focus group creation. Plucked from obscurity and outfitted in a red coat, high boots and lantern – he was sent down on the White House lawn to welcome Wall St, Big Pharma, and the Arms Dealers.

    It was clear from the get go he wasn’t his own man. When he took the Peace Prize with a straight face and enlarged the war within a week – I winced and wondered what his real story was.

    The problem with Obama’s “legacy”? It’s a tangled mess of white guilt, black pride and the embarrassing reality that a vote for O was date rape.

    I’m not sure why Dems would think this was a lasting coalition. White’s were betrayed – and blacks empowered. There will never be another white Democratic candidate in my lifetime. Thanks to low IQ identity politics.

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