Who Are Terrorists Targeting?

kerry-clinton-riceThe recent terrorist attacks in Paris once again pose a question that seldom gets discussed. To whom are these attacks aimed? Is it Christians? Jews? Non-Muslims in general? Could it be Western democracies or Western society as a whole? As media pundits shed their crocodile tears and two-faced politicians dramatize their insincere outrage, every Islamic terrorist since 9-11 knows very well who their targets are. It is the Left.

These terrorists may be monsters, but they’re not stupid. They know that their carnage and destruction must make an impression on those most likely to assist their cause: anti-war pacifists, progressives, socialists, academic apologists, and the liberal media—the very people who tend to sympathize, defend, and make excuses for the inexcusable.

The name of the game is manipulation, and terrorists understand this. They know that they’re not engaged in conventional military campaigns against Western forces. That’s a war they know they can’t win. Their only viable strategy has always been about winning hearts, minds, and sympathy for their demented cause. Every time Barack Obama, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, or any cowed liberal back-peddles, the terrorists know that they’re gaining ground. Every time a hand-wringing progressive tells us that we’re part of the problem, a terrorist somewhere is pumping his fist in victory.

Terrorists understand liberals better than liberals understand themselves. They understand that liberals are malleable and timid. They’re the ones whom the terrorists want to influence. They know where their war is being fought: on the battlefield of public opinion.

Let’s remember that every time a suicidal terrorist attacks innocent citizens, it’s an atrocity aimed at the appeasers—naïve liberals who are more worried about Muslim backlash than national security. Terrorist attacks are meant for weak-minded politicians who believe that the key to peace is understanding what motivates Muslim murderers.

Liberals all over the world will continue to figure out ways to blame the U.S. for the Paris attacks. Meanwhile, the terrorists will have gotten the sympathetic reactions they wanted. And they’ll be satisfied knowing they have successfully hit their targets once again.


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