The Twisted Humor of Trump Derangement

You all remember comedian Kathy Griffin, that madcap maven of Trump derangement who posted a picture of herself with a bloodied severed head of President Trump. There’s little else that can send a Democrat into glee than the thought of a Republican president removed from office with “extreme prejudice.” A recent FB comment on a recent article about Griffin was ample evidence of that.

One of my FB friends commenter stated:

I dunno, I’m looking around for a Trump-head pinata myself..

Apparently, suggesting that bringing harm to president Trump remains sure-fire comic material. So why not join in on the fun? I replied: “The pinata bat comes extra. So does the visit from the Secret Service.”

The same FB commenter replied:

They might be likely to join in the fun…he can’t be the easiest tyrant to serve under

Fun indeed. Big fun.

There are those who would welcome removing Trump no matter how severe the means. But hey, we’re just joking around, aren’t we?


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