The War Against Trump -
America’s New Mass Movement


Editor’s Note: This article is in response to a number of comments posted on my Facebook page on the subject of President Trump. This is a comprehensive view as I see it today regarding the anti-Trump movement.

I can sometimes quickly change my opinion or viewpoint on an event or issue, as circumstances change, even when those changes might seem minor. I keep no loyalties towards any politician or agenda. My allegiances are only those expected of any American citizen. I neither subscribe nor adhere to any ideology or philosophy. I’m an independent thinker unencumbered by partisan dogma.

The various and constant attempts to subvert President Trump’s office, agenda, and character have been going on ever since he announced his candidacy over two years ago. It’s been an unprecedented phenomenon that has nothing with which to compare it to. In that time, my views have evolved, sometimes so rapidly that it’s left me in a temporary state of confusion. It’s time to sort it out.

In the past, my general view of the Left was that of a secular cult. As a keen observer and ardent critic of the Church of Scientology, I saw numerous parallels. But I concluded that the comparison would be difficult to effectively convey. I’d have to include a detailed rundown of the Church’s abusive treatment of its staff and members, and their vicious attacks against their critics. So much information would have to be laid out in order to make any kind of compelling argument, it was impractical.

When Trump was elected, a stunning phenomenon unfolded. Relying on polls promoted by the media, Hillary supporters were convinced that not only would Hillary win, it would be by a significant margin. But they were suddenly overwhelmed with shock and confusion. The election outcome was impossible for them to accept, much less understand. It so severely violated their reality that they began to grope at any explanation that would preserve their miscalculations and misperceptions.

Wild theories quickly circulated to explain what had been previously inconceivable. In their moment of denial, they overlooked the most simple of explanations: They got it wrong from the start. In fact Democrats and the media got so many things so wrong that they were paralyzed and unable to confront what was a simple reality: they lost. So traumatic was Trump’s victory that these supporters went into a mass hysteria that I could only characterize as some kind of PTSD condition.

As the war against Trump escalated, it got me thinking about Democrats during the Obama years. The change between then and now couldn’t have been more stark. I was reminded of Obama’s statement days before he was elected. “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Then a theory occurred to me.

Desire can be very seductive. You can want something so bad that you’ll believe things that aren’t real and decide that certain events have happened when they actually haven’t. I think the Dems had so thoroughly convinced themselves that Obama had indeed fundamentally transformed America that they spent eight years basking in the afterglow, as if a new and wonderful America had appeared. Then on November 8, 2016, their world crumbled. And reality would crush the utopian visions they believed they’d achieved.

It probably took a while to realize that their fundamentally transformed America had been a mirage, wiped away by the intrusion of the real world. And that’s when the Antifa movement, the Resistance, and the never-Trumpers began to aggressively prosecute their war against Trump and everyone that stood with him. Which brings us to the situation as it exists now.

President Trump has been in office for a year, and everyone’s cards are now on the table. Much as they might try, the DC establishment can’t hide what they’re doing. Their efforts are there for all to see. As they lurk in their Deep State sanctums releasing news leaks, and unleashing covert political ploys from their black bags of dirty tricks, it’s self-evident what they want: an end to the Trump presidency by whatever means possible.

For better or worse, the political landscape has changed, and it’s tectonic in magnitude. Though Trump isn’t responsible for these changes, he did capitalize on a socio-political transformation that’s been two decades in the making. Politicians should take note: Even if Trump were to disappear tomorrow, the political landscape is still there. So are the Trump supporters who have rejected the swamp dwellers who view them as deplorable enemies of the state. With or without the President, they’ll remain a viable voting constituency in this new political reality.

The DC establishment is rightfully alarmed. They fear that the general public may be waking up to a new and more accurate picture of the goings-on in Washington. As the façade fades, more and more voters are seeing the Washington bureaucrats for what they really are: an exclusive club of self-serving politicians who are more concerned with preserving their position, status and privileged perks than fulfilling the promises that got them elected.

What was once a cult, turned into a mental disorder, and has evolved into a mass movement that compares to nothing in American history. On the other hand, perhaps the secession movement that would become the Confederacy that brought on a bloody civil war might be an apt comparison. In any case, there’s a major fight coming. Perhaps it will stay in the courts, and among our legislators, perhaps not. Is reconciliation possible? There may be a remote chance of that, but it looks more and more like each side of the growing divide have no intention of backing down. America hasn’t faced this kind of disunity since 1861.


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