Week One: Just Another Day at the Office

week-1There are now over a dozen cabinet members and appointments working in the Trump administration with just about as many waiting in the aisles. And all the while the executive orders are flying off the desk and into the faces of incredulous Democrats who still don’t understand what has happened.

The swamp draining has apparently started, with the firing of U.S. Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan. Six senior officials in charge of management at the State Department have reportedly resigned. The Washington Post is concerned. Everyone else, not so much.

The anti-Trump angst continues to inflict its silliness on a public that’s heard it all before. Every bitter utterance by Congressional Democrats, every melodramatic pose by malingering protesters, every scornful invective from celebrities, each and every one is an exquisite comedy routine, filled with delightful schadenfreude, over-the-top camp, and unintended irony.

And humor isn’t the only payoff. Their astounding cluelessness is exposing the Dems lack of effectiveness on a daily basis. While they continue to believe Trump can’t last four years, they really should be worrying about eight.


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